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At Go Feet, Dr. Stuart Honick serves residents who live in and around the Hammonton, Linwood, and Mays Landing, New Jersey areas. The doctor and his staff specialize in ankle sprains and other types of foot and ankle injuries.

Ankle Sprain Q & A

What are some of the myths about foot and ankle injuries?

"It is not broken because I can walk on it."

This myth has kept many fractures from receiving proper treatment. The truth is that often you can walk with certain kinds of fractures.

"There is nothing you can do for a broken toe."

A toe fracture needs prompt attention. If x-rays reveal it to be a simple fracture then care by your podiatrist can provide rapid relief of pain; however, if x-rays identify a displaced or angulated break prompt realignment of the fracture is needed to prevent improper or incomplete healing.

"Ankle sprains only require an Ace wrap for treatment."

An ankle sprain often means torn or severely overstretched ligaments and they should receive immediate care. An x-ray examination, immobilization by casting or splinting, and physical therapy to ensure normal recovery all may be indicated. Surgery may even be necessary if you fail to respond to conservative care.

How are ankle sprains treated?

If an injury or accident occurs, there are steps you may take to help yourself until you can reach your podiatrist. Remember the word RICE.

R=Rest. Restrict your activity and get off your foot or ankle.

I=Ice. Gently place a plastic bag of ice wrapped in a towel on the injured area, 20 minutes on and 30 minutes off.

C=Compression. Lightly wrap an Ace bandage around the area and take care not to pull it too tight.

E=Elevation. To reduce swelling and pain, sit in a position that allows you to elevate the foot/ankle higher than you

Can physical therapy help hasten the healing process?

Physical therapy will help hasten the healing process, especially if the ankle injury is severe. Physical therapy uses specific exercises to help strengthen and tone muscles and soft tissues in the area of the injury, increasing blood flow and maintaining range of motion. The more the joint is moved, the less inflammation and swelling will continue to impact the function of the joint. The exercises used during a physical therapy session are designed to allow the joint to resume normal function as soon as possible.

Can shoes that fit poorly cause an ankle sprain?

Shoes that do not fit properly can cause a person to misstep or trip as they try to maintain their natural gait. When a person is forced to move in an unnatural fashion, they often misjudge distances or step in ways that can damage the foot or ankle. Walking on the toes or sides of the feet may lead to damage to the tendons or ligaments and may eventually cause damage to the arch of the foot. Shoes that are too tight can put pressure on certain areas of the feet, while a loose shoe may cause the foot to slip and slide inside of it while the person walks. Proper fitting shoes offer support and sufficient amounts of traction that allow the person's feet to move naturally as they walk.

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