10 Benefits of MLS Laser Therapy

Pain, swelling, and dysfunction caused by arthritis, soft tissue injury, or necessary surgery interfere with your ability to walk and do day-to-day activities. Accelerate healing and achieve long-lasting pain relief with MLS Laser Therapy.

Laser therapy reduces inflammation and stimulates your body to heal itself. MLS treatments allow you to skip the pharmaceutical solutions, invasive surgery, or injections that are commonly used to treat foot injuries and chronic pain.

Go Feet was the first podiatry practice in the southern New Jersey area to use the MLS Robotic Laser. Serving members of the Hammonton and Mays Landing, New Jersey communities, Go Feet’s expert team of podiatrists can help you determine if MLS laser therapy is right for you.

Read on to learn the benefits of MLS laser therapy.

1. Customizable

The Go Feet podiatrists recognize that your condition is unique to you and not deserving of a one-size-fits-all therapy plan. MLS therapy is fully customized to meet your needs and get the best healing results.

2. Noninvasive

MLS laser therapy uses concentrated light energy that penetrates your outer layer of skin and stimulates healing in the soft tissue that lies beneath. You walk out of the office without having endured any incisions, painful manipulation, injections, or blood loss.

3. Reduces post-surgical recovery time

When used after surgery, MLS laser therapy reduces recovery times. This allows you to return to a higher quality of life sooner.

4. Quick

Each MLS laser therapy session lasts about 10 minutes, and you see results in a relatively short period of time. An acute problem, such as an ankle sprain, may be resolved with just four to six sessions while a chronic condition, such as arthritis, benefits from 10-15 treatments. You’ll notice improvements right away and feel progressively better with each consecutive treatment.

5. Painless

Treatment with the MLS laser is not painful. You don’t have to tolerate any heat (or cold) during treatment, and it’s safe to use over implanted metal devices.

6. Strong anti-inflammatory effect

The energy from the MLS laser enters your damaged cells, accelerates intercellular activity, and speeds recovery. The laser encourages a metabolic response in the cells that has stalled or slowed. As a result, you experience reduced swelling and inflammation that impede your range of movement and exacerbate pain.

7. Appropriate for a wide range of ailments

The MLS laser is effective in encouraging healing after surgery, but it also facilitates quick healing from strains and sprains. It’s also effective in treating superficial injuries such as wounds and ulcers.

8. Improve circulation

Because your foot is so far away from your heart, circulation to it is often impeded. Blood circulation is necessary to healing as it floods an injury with oxygen and vital nutrients. MLS laser therapy encourages circulation, so you feel better faster while experiencing tissue healing, cell repair, and healthy tissue growth.

9. Accurate

MLS laser therapy delivers controlled energy. The doctors at Go Feet can provide the right therapeutic amount for your needs and repeat this accurate dosage for consistent and repeatable results.

10. Safe, with no side effects

MLS laser therapy has no side effects as the procedure is noninvasive. The use of the MLS laser is FDA-approved.

If you have an acute or chronic injury that’s preventing you from doing all the activities you need to do and enjoy, call Go Feet, or book an appointment using our online tool. We can fill you in on how you can benefit from the impressive healing power of MLS laser therapy.

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